If you are a start-up with no business model or if you want to create one anew, you must DESIGN and BUILD an up-to-date business model.


You should plan your business model anew if the one you are following does not show the positive outcomes you expected.


A business model shall always be TESTED and EVALUATED on the market


Competitive advantage is achieved through business model INNOVATION and DIFFERENTIATION

" The difference between a thriving successful business and a failing one lies in the fact that the first has adopted a business model "


Business Model Italia

"Do not ever get fooled by the creative genius myth, nor by the enthusiasm of a great idea. Ideas do nothing. What really matters is the process you adopt to test your ideas, in order to find a profitable business model."

Alexander Osterwalder
The founder of Business Model Canvas



During the last decade, the business world has been hit by the advent of start-ups, with innovative business models. After the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have seen their business undermined by a wave of uncertainty, volatility and market complexity, which in many existing companies have made business models outdated and unproductive.

Is your business model still effective?


The Scientific Method

You need a scientific method in order to create and optimise your business model. The building and changing of one’s business model, either in a new company or an existing one, is the utmost essential key to define the right strategy towards innovation, expansion, differentiation and strengthening.
We support your company management during analyses and evaluation tests of business models. We take concrete action and help you developing the required skills, starting from your current business model and working with your crew. We choose OKR methodology (Objective and Key Results) in order to achieve improvements both at an organisational level and of performance of the company teams.
We choose a solid and pragmatic approach to gather the right trading signals and translate them into opportunities and innovation proposals.

What we do

Create value for your clients

It is only through constant interactions that you can define a winning business model.

Through enabling tools, methodologies and visual maps we help you to define an efficient and adaptable project able to create value for your clients and profit for your company. All this is attained through the following steps: assessment, impact, systemic process and incremental process.

People ethics objectives purpose leadership enterprise

We focus on people

This is a new era we are living in, with plenty of social change. Economy and businesses are constantly evolving, together with the demands and aspirations of costumers, who first of all are human beings.

At Business Model Italy, we focus on People!

We let our team be guided by our purpose, our vision, our mission and values, and act accordingly in our business choices.
Our "purpose"is to pursue a strong reason, a scope that is “higher” and goes beyond making simple profit. Our purpose goes much beyond business, which is just a source of inspiration for what we do daily.

"Let’s build together a more responsible and sustainable future. Let’s give people and companies the opportunity to make profit starting from the sharing of higher values and the taking care of their own lives and dreams."

We aim at taking an active role for society and young people. With our business model we hope to create value both for companies and no-profit businesses, in a constructive and balanced way, hoping to make our part in supporting our country with our ethical and responsible work.

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Philosophy in a Business Society


Why do we need Philosophy in a Business Society?
This is a cardinal question here at BM Italia.
Philosophy is a complex view on humans’ reality. Philosophy provides those operative tools which allow a deep understanding of the others, their talents, their needs, their desires. Philosophy allows the acquisition and the sharpening of the soft skills, such as leadership, relational efficacy, teamworking, problem solving.
Through the work and support of a qualified thought leader, BM Italia promotes business training at different levels using the Enacting Leadership© method.


He who has a why can bear almost any how – F. Nietzsche

What advantages do we offer?

Building and changing a business model is crucial to create and to extend the right innovation strategy, to differentiate and to strengthen every company and start-up on the market.

Our services


The assessment process is a golden opportunity for the managerial and organisational teams to evaluate each component of the company’s internal and external processes, and spot new opportunities that are likely to influence organisation and business.


BMI business model process involves the whole value chain starting from the costumer, the company and its partners, in order to find stalemates, business challenges and market opportunities. We project and design the best solutions with the objective of testing and prototyping them in a brand-new model, and guaranteeing its positive benefits for the company’s business and growth in the market.
Increasing in innovation and/or business model differentiation are just some of the pillars of BMI’s process to boost the competitive leverage of your company.

Who we are

We are entrepreneurs and experts with long-standing experience and careers both at national and international levels,capable of assisting other entrepreneurs and managers in designing, projecting, testing, evaluating and innovating their business models and creating profitable companies.

Business Model Italy is an enterprise experienced in business modelling, with cross-discipline know-how and a number of projects that have created positive outcomes in companies’ businesses.

In Italy we have a team specialised in designing business models, which works directly on-site, inside and outside the company, to test and evaluate successful business models either for start-ups, or microenterprises, small and medium or corporate enterprises.

Our successful cases

Our team, always ready to assist you

Claudio Zanelli

Co-founder Business Model Italia
Innovation Manager

I coach companies to develop new perspectives and a flexible mindset devoted to sustainability and innovation. Although at the very beginning of a project the tendency is to say “We cannot do it”, in the end it becomes clear we can though! Business models are unique like live concerts, because people make them so. I have Motor Valley in my DNA. I do not have artistic skills but I do like to look for beauty in everything.

Stefano Antonio Masci

Co-founder Business Model Italia
Innovation Strategist

Innovation and strategy aficionado, keen reader of management and philosophy books. I enjoy paying a visit to a museum and the stillness of a monk hermitage. I believe a project is for a company as a custom-made suit is for a fashionable man. Creating successful business models for companies is a call one feels bound to follow, as if it was a commitment to a just case. My motto is: “I will never stop until entrepreneurs and managers will start creating profitable businesses.”

Domenico Palma Valente

Co-founder Business Model Italia
Innovation Manager

I pose a lot of questions. I start from needs in order to find solutions. I believe it is crucial to watch, always seek dialogue, analyse, study and try out solutions to support any possible client. Only if there are partnership, co-working, integrity, know-how, constant growth and management skills one can make the difference. I work with entrepreneurs who are willing to innovate, grow, diversify and/or strengthen their business model and a strategy to act, especially when they need the initial boost or have tried to change but failed to. The focus of my job is the success of the company and my clients.

Francesca Brencio

Thought Leader

I am an university researcher at the research group “Filosofía Aplicada: Sujeto, Sufrimiento, Sociedad” (Code of the Andalusian Research project HUM-018) at the University of Seville (Spain) and founder, coordinator and lecturer at Pheno-Lab – A theoretical laboratory in Phenomenology and Mental Health. In 2021 I was awarded with the Seal of Excellence, granted by the European Commission for the European Program for Research and innovation 2014-2020. Among my fields of research there are interpersonal relationships and communication.

Domenico Buonanno

Public Relations Manager

Expert of marketing strategies and communication. Art lover. I like new challenges and innovative thoughts, and I made a strong commitment to supporting companies improve their management models and be more productive.

Cecilia Palma Valente

Segreteria organizzativa e Customer care

I am mastering my skills in Design Thinking and business Design. My role at BMI is to organise and manage events and take care of costumers. I manage the administrative office and assist costumers and advisors.

Giuseppe Cristofaro

Data Analyst, Digital & Marketing Strategist

With my 13 years experience as data analyst, software developer and Project Manager at renowned enterprises and software houses (Lamborghini, Ama Spa, Gruppo Pro Spa), I can proudly say that from 2007 I’m pursuing my passions: Data Analysis and Digital Marketing. Today, I work with small and medium businesses to grow on the online market as Marketing and Operational Strategist.

Anna Angeloro

Storyteller – Content Creative & Digital Strategist

The art of writing is my greatest passion; words facilitate the understanding and definition of the real world. This is my motivation to support businesses in analysing of costumer’s needs (the so-called Job to be done), defining their value proposals and channel it through the right tools – both digital and not – as to spot potential clients in the right moment and when they most need help. I mastered business design because it allows me to analyse and share with entrepreneurs their business models. My curiosity encourages me to think, pose questions, and start educational paths that create value and achieve costumers’ satisfaction.

Michele Dell'Edera

PR, Content e Social Manager

My motto is the same as Baden Powell’s: “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it.” I am a journalist and publicist writing in newspapers and blogs, and I support companies throughout communication processes and manage their relationship with costumers. Through the creation of digital communities, I encourage the exchange and spread of ideas. I manage the press office for both entrepreneurs and companies, and communication via social media and other channels. I also share my thoughts as a reporter on social media networks, which use both for personal purposes and for work.

Daniela Riccardi

Risorse Umane

La prima laurea in Economia e Commercio, , conseguita per dotarmi di conoscenze utili per approcciare ai contesti organizzativi con competenza e spirito critico. Sempre più interessata alle tematiche umane, decido di conseguire una seconda laurea in Psicologia ritrovando, così, la mia più grande passione: la psicoanalisi con approccio lacaniano. l'illusione di essere, di consistere attraverso l'esercizio della razionalità viene smascherata dalla presenza dei sintomi, sentinelle dell'inconscio. Nessun uomo coincide con se stesso, ciascuno di noi è sempre altro rispetto a ciò che crede di essere. Credo in un atteggiamento di ricerca e di interrogazione continua nel qui ed ora del tempo presente.

Marco Macelloni

Design e Senior Web Developer

I master innovation and emerging web technologies and digital ones. I create communication projects and digital solutions for companies that are willing to focus and share their value and manage their relations with costumers. I always try and experiment new solutions and focus on efficiency. I am result oriented and my motto is: no need for words, focus on your objectives.



I live with my foster family since I was a puppy. Have no pedigree, but very cuddly though. I can be cranky and shy: many awesome qualities for one doggo. As the good guard dog I am, I always keep an eye on my human friends and their proposals. Hope you all achieve paw-sitive outcomes.


Formidable observer, determined, curious and lonely heart. “Cats always have the look of who has read Kant and understood his books immediately the message in a minute”. I think my human is right. Yep, she is the philosopher.


I am a mythological and legendary animal, my creator Aileen Lee said, and I give inspiration to the crew of BMI to create successful innovative and technological businesses.


International and national partners, managers, speakers and associations. Strong set of values move across strategic networks and the proper costumers.

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